We are a pioneering early-stage venture capital firm, believing in ideas and investing in passion.

Frontline Ventures is Europe’s first community-focused fund, creating a platform for innovative tech entrepreneurs building capital-efficient businesses in high-growth markets.

Frontline builds long-term relationships with the world-class teams we invest in.

We are based in London and Dublin, but invest across Europe.

What we offer


We aim to be the FIRST institutional investor – we understand that getting the capital culture of how investors and entrepreneurs work together right is crucial.


A founder’s time is a limited resource and we try not to waste it. We spend time building knowledge and networks so that we can make FAST decisions.


We have a fund of sufficient size and flexibility to FOLLOW our successful investments through to scale. We also have strong relationships with the best later-stage VC funds around the world.

We offer capital, mentorship when needed, and a network of people that will assist founders in building their companies. We spend time working with companies to win reference customers, make key hires, and develop strategy for gaining commercial partners.

With our backing, founders can focus on customer discovery and development from the outset and get proof-of-performance within months, not years.

What we look for

We are believers at heart, but are highly selective about the companies we work with. We look for founders that:

  • Are passionate about their business
  • Are curious and creative
  • Have the ability to listen
  • Are clearly able to communicate their vision
  • Are willing to give back to the entrepreneurial community

The businesses that we fund must:

  • Solve a big existing or emerging market need
  • Be simple to explain and have clear value for customers
  • Use advances in product distribution and marketing to change the pace of growth
  • Be capital-efficient as they scale, especially in early stages

What we invest in

  • We believe that the way startup technology companies are funded has changed dramatically, driven by cloud-computing and the open source movement. This change will accelerate.
  • We invest at Seed and Series A stages. Typical seed investments will range from €100k-€750k and typical Series A will range from €1m-€2m.
  • We invest in software companies that are targeting opportunities in the following four areas - Big Data, Cloud Services, Internet, and Mobile.
  • Frontline Ventures invests across Europe and has offices in London and Dublin.

Our process

We look for exceptional outcomes from our investments and, therefore,
only invest in a very small percentage of companies that we engage with.

Our process is not perfect, but it allows us to be efficient and respond to the
volume of enquiries we receive in a timely fashion.

  • Contact

    Our process starts when we receive your business plan/overview or are introduced to you through our network.

  • Call

    If your business matches our investment criteria, we will contact you within a week to set up a call.

  • Meet

    If we believe there may be a fit after a call , we will arrange a meeting (again, within a week).

  • Decision

    If the fit looks good, we will enter a two-week intensive due diligence period and will reach a conclusion on our interest at the end of that period.


You should judge us by the company we keep. The founding partners of Frontline Ventures have led
investments in 30+ early-stage technology companies across Europe and the US.

We believed in these people and the potential of their companies. Here are some of their stories:


Website | Twitter

  • David


  • Mark and Charles


  • Kate, Emer, and Aoibh

    Love & Robots

  • James

    Reep Rewards

  • Sean, Brian, and Neil


  • Pedro, João, and João


  • Ciaran


  • Kevin and Eoin


  • Ben, Jonny, Jack, and Tim


  • Tom

    Raising IT

  • Dave, Alan, and Dermot


  • Brett, Sean, and Jonathan


  • Trevor and Viliam


  • Tony, Matt, and Ian


  • Duncan and Barry


Building strong VC syndicates is important which is why we are delighted to have invested with the following venture funds already and actively work with many other like minded funds.

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Leveraging the collective: the origins & future of VC communities

12 Jan

Kim Pham

Frontline is Europe’s first community-focused fund. Here’s why. Leveraging the collective: the origins and future of VC communities (In other news, we are moving our blog over to Medium. Follow us there!)

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Our Team

Shay Garvey

Shay is a founding partner of Frontline Ventures and one of the most active and experienced early stage technology investors in Europe. He was part of the core team of Delta Partners that raised 4 funds and €235m between 1994-2007. He has invested in 25 early stage tech companies and achieved exits over a number of cycles. He has deep networks among investors and the entrepreneurial community in Ireland and USA.

Earlier in his career Shay worked in industry with Exxon and Corning before joining McKinsey. Shay then returned to Ireland and spent seven years in the Irish start up scene as a founder/investor in two companies and CEO of a major food exporter before joining the venture capital industry.

Shay has served on the boards of the Irish Venture Capital Association, the Trinity College Science Gallery and the Harvard Business School European Leadership Council.


  • Shay Garvey


  • Will Prendergast


  • William McQuillan


  • Kim Pham

    Head of Platform


We know the the secret of successful companies is the people and the way they work together, so our partner companies are always on the lookout for the best talent.

Here are the current roles available at Frontline and our investee companies.

Contact US

If you think your business fits our investment criteria and are interested in speaking further, please contact us via email.

We have offices in London and Dublin, but spend a lot of time on video conferences and flights - so we should be easy to reach.

London office

7 Stratford Place
London W1C 1AY

Dublin office

26-28 Lombard Street East
First floor
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