We back B2B SaaS companies with international ambition. Whether you’re at an early stage with sights on the US, or at a later stage looking to the rich potential of Europe, we can help you get where you want to go.

  • You are the founder of a successful B2B software company in the US
  • You’re a growth stage company and have raised at least $10m to date
  • You’re planning to expand into Europe in the next 12 months
  • You are an ambitious entrepreneur in tech, engineering, or computer science
  • You’re based anywhere in Europe at pre-product, pre-seed or seed stage
  • You want to expand and see the US firmly in that future plan

What Founders Want is an investigation into what Pre-Seed and Seed founders seek in venture capital investors.

From sector expertise to the diversity of the fund team, we explore which factors founders prioritise when looking for funding, and how these change depending on the founder profile.

In nature the best things work together

The Impala is a symbol of speed and agility. Yet it relies on a small bird, the Oxpecker, to fly ahead and alert it of oncoming danger – so that she may adjust course accordingly.

No one should fly blind as they face the odds. We see the landscape ahead and can warn you of the risks, while you stay strong and focused on your goals.

Indispensable. That’s how we see our relationship.

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