We specialise in expanding our portfolio companies to the US.

Frontline is an early-stage B2B venture capital firm powered by people - the ambitious founders we invest in, our strong networks of industry experts, and our own passionate team of ex-operators.

Frontline is based in London and Dublin, but back companies throughout Europe. We bridge the technical and the human, providing both capital and experience to help shorten our founders' learning curves. We strive to unlock the power of collective intelligence through our innovative platform.

Frontline has deep
connections to the US:

  • 50% of our portfolio has offices in the US
  • 55% of our portfolio has US investors
  • As a team, we spend 20% of our time in the US

Frontline invests time and money into building the relationships needed to fast-track your expansion into the US - from investors to recruiters to other founders. We’ve also built a wealth of knowledge and content around international expansion, so that we can help you reduce the friction.