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Best in Class

Posted 15 November 2017
By Thomas Olszewski

Lessons from publically traded Enterprise SaaS 

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There are sixty publicly traded enterprise SaaS companies. Together, they have been one of the best performing segments of the stock market, up nearly 400% since 2011.

A selection of the 60 publicly traded enterprise SaaS companies

Among them there are just 12 which fit the following criteria:

  • Growing revenue at 25%+ YoY
  • 70%+ gross margin
  • Capital efficiency of 30%+ (growth — burn)

What makes these companies so successful?

It may surprise you to learn:

  • Our “Best in Class” SaaS companies have ACVs that range from $240 USD per anum to $519,000 USD.
  • All of our non-USA “Best in Class” companies were self-serve products
  • 85% of our Best in Class companies are founder led
  • A number of fast growing, multi billion dollar enterprise SaaS companies have gross margins of 50–65% (e.g: twilio, shopify, cloudera).

You can download the PDF here 


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