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Don’t wrestle a croc in the river

Posted 07 March 2017
By Stephen McIntyre

How startups should hire from the tech giants

LinkedIn search, March 2017

What “customer segment” is your candidate in?

What’s your hiring product?

Personal impact beats global platform.

Most people are motivated more by visible personal impact than by the chance to operate on a global platform. Startups offer the former, multinationals the latter. It is the rare job that offers both. Media coverage of entrepreneurship often focuses on the global platform — from Genentech to Facebook, companies that came out of nowhere to change the world within a decade. Your startup is likely not on that path and you don’t have to pretend it is. You can offer the kind of visible personal impact that Employee Number 50,000 at Apple will never achieve. I heard Rory O’Driscoll define your job as “something that won’t get done if you don’t do it.” By that measure, everyone at a startup has a job; the same cannot be said of everyone at a multinational. Don’t under-estimate the human desire to have a job — one that won’t get done if you don’t do it.

At some point, stop selling and wait.


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