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Startups & Venture Capital in the United Kingdom

Posted 07 April 2017
By Thomas Olszewski

The Global Startup Hub — but for how long?

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Much is riding on the UK remaining the premier destination for European startups. In light of Brexit and the tremendous growth in other European markets — will London remain the city of choice for European entrepreneurs?

In our third edition of “Startups & Venture Capital in…” (following Germany in collaboration with Point Nine Capital and the Nordics in collaboration with Northzone), Frontline wanted to take an honest, data-driven look at its own home turf — the United Kingdom.

We believe it is the most comprehensive report ever created on startups and venture capital in the UK.

What we have learned:

  • The UK is unique for its late stage capital compared to other major European technology hubs. London counts 8 funds with £1b+ in funds raised — versus 2 in Germany and 1 in the Nordics.
  • London has more than 2x the engineering talent of Paris or 4x that of Berlin. London even beats New York in terms of absolute number of developers.
  • The United Kingdom is unmatched in terms of £100m+ exits in quantity and diversity among sectors. There are £1b+ tech companies in eCommerce, fintech, gaming, travel, proptech, telecom, and enterprise software.

Will Europe top UK post-Brexit?

With a high concentration of talent, capital and leadership, the UK will remain a significant tech hub for the next decade.

However, Brexit is likely to slow the pace of immigration; this is a significant issue in a country where 75% of new businesses are set up by immigrants.

With venture activity in Berlin, Paris, and other European hubs growing much faster than London, will the UK cede its position as Europe’s leading tech hub?

Read through our “Startups & Venture Capital in the United Kingdom” deck and find out for yourself.

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