European expansion has been a reliable source of revenue growth and engineering talent for US B2B software companies for over a decade but faced with a global pandemic and recession, CEOs may ask themselves if the pre-Covid-19 European playbook still applies.

We’ve analysed European expansion data from 175 B2B software companies and conducted dozens of interviews with Heads of Europe and US CEOs to review what we’ve learned from a decade of European expansions, in order to predict how things may change.

expansions land in Dublin, London or Amsterdam


opt for hiring local talent vs transferring


end up firing their first senior hire within 24 months


startup landings in the UK since Brexit


In the first edition of our Global Ambition report, we explore the 5 key questions CEOs must ask themselves before embarking on an international expansion;

  1. Why expand?
  2. When is the right time to land?
  3. When to open our first office?
  4. How to adapt our product and GTM?
  5. Who to hire?

The answers to these questions matter. And they cannot wait.

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