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The opportunity is bigger than you think

Europe is the world’s second largest B2B software market. We’ve benchmarked the best and we’ve seen that at the point of IPO, 30% of your revenue should be coming from Europe.

Frontline Growth is a venture fund for US companies looking to expand to Europe. It’s a go-to-market first, capital-second fund, built on our operating experience and powered by a deep network of B2B advisors across Europe and the US.

We know two things better than anyone else: the size of the European opportunity and how to capture it.

When it comes to internationalization, experience matters more than innovation

In addition to the deep operating experience of our partners, we’ve also assembled a world-class group of operating LP’s and advisors from:

Slack, Cloudflare,
Dropbox, Stripe,
Segment, Looker,
Google, Facebook,
LinkedIn and Workday
– to name a few.

Ariel Cohen, CEO Tripactions

We've grown from 0 to 150 people in Europe, built a world-class culture and scored a major strategic partner, all in 18 months. Such a fast start is only possible when you put strong foundations in place – and Frontline was instrumental in helping us do that. They were a crucial source of go-to-market advice, they introduced multiple quality candidates from their local network – from GMs to Sales to Finance – and Stephen even coached one of my VPs for six months. Frontline's operating experience in Europe made the advice pragmatic and actionable. Just what we needed to make Europe a growth engine for TripActions globally

Even market leaders make mistakes

Europe is not a question of if, but when (and how).

Over the years, we’ve seen companies set-up shop in isolated archipelagos, hire English speaking reps to sell in non-English territories, expand too rapidly, or move too late – driven by fear instead of strategy.

In all cases, businesses were punished with millions in foregone revenue, serious delays, or copycat competitors.

We’ve learned the hard way

The good news? Many of the problems you’ll encounter are both known and solved. So it helps if you’ve done it before.

Our process is simple. We invest up to $5m alongside your lead investor and work with you to implement a tailored strategy for fast and frictionless European Expansion.

Our objectives are aligned

Working hand in hand with CEOs, Frontline Growth multiplies your team’s capability and capacity for expansion. From planning your entry, finding your HQ, hiring senior talent, identifying key local partners and perfecting your GTM strategy.

We’re investors, not consultants. We buy equity and we only succeed if you do.

Indispensable. That’s how we see our relationship.

European expansion has been a reliable source of revenue growth and engineering talent for US B2B software companies for over a decade. But 2020 is different.

We’ve analysed European expansion data from 175 B2B software companies and conducted dozens of interviews with Heads of Europe and US CEOs to review what we’ve learned from a decade of European expansions, in order to predict how things may change.

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