Finn Murphy

Venture Partner, Dublin

Finn is a Venture Partner at Frontline.

While in college, Finn built a successful spin out software business and developed a passion for following startups like some people follow the Premiership (he may try to tell you he is actually ‘quite cool’ – do not believe him)

One could argue that Finn first discovered his passion for technology and startups at the bottom of a pint glass during a Web Summit pub crawl for tech founders & VCs. At the end of the evening, Finn was hooked.

Following a first consumer app effort, he did a stint on sabbatical as the Entertainments Officer in Trinity College and stepped up his pub crawl game. Finn launched his first venture – an application to digitise ID cards for students at Trinity – in 2016. The first product was a success and the company was spun out as an independent business.  Finn then secured funding, won a prime spot at a local accelerator and built out the company’s core engineering team.

After 18 months in operation, iDly was snapped up by a larger Irish fintech company. Finn’s attention shifted from keeping the house from burning down at iDly to developing the B2C growth marketing strategy at Plynk. He built out a specialised team driving installs to a peak of 1000 per day. This company later flopped but the lessons on the way down were just as valuable as the ones from the way up.

Finn is likely to be seen either head down in his laptop, cycling the streets of Dublin or trying to escape Ireland’s cold waters for kite surfing somewhere closer to the sun.

Finn is often described as a parody of himself.

The team backs this description.

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