Setting up Remote Development Teams (Webinar)

To Access this webinar, please contact Carolina

Building and hosting a dev team can be an expensive affair. Talent is competitive, infrastructure costs are high and the process of sourcing, hiring and managing teams is heavily resource intensive.

That said, culture matters from day one - how do you promote collective team spirit across multiple and isolated time zones?

Across the Frontline portfolio, several companies have opted to set-up dev teams remotely; across Spain, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria and others.

In this webinar we will feature two use cases of remote dev teams; the full turnkey solution as opted by Boxever (represented by Ingrid Wallace, Director of People Operations), and recruitment-only- assistance as pursued by Sweepr and Britebill (represented byJim Hannon, CTO).

In both cases, Sweepr and Boxever worked with remote providers Zartis, to help them set-up and manage their teams in Madrid. Padraig Coffey (CEO), will give a short presentation on the logistical considerations of hosting a remote dev team, and an outlook on the various European marketplaces.