Startups and Venture Capital in the Nordics

Big Things from Small Places

The Nordics lead Europe in value creation. With a smaller population, less capital, distributed across 5 countries, the Nordics have produced some of the most successful companies in Europe. These are often not just regional champions, but companies that win on a global scale.

Frontline and Northzone collaborated on this deck to help tell that story to the world. Below, you will learn more about:

  • Charting funding, and startup success in Nordic countries
  • An index of global champions: 23 of the Nordics most successful startups
  • Total funds raised by VCs and internet investors in the Nordics
  • Investors by stage (seed to growth), including international investors
  • Late stage funding detail of Nordic participants
  • US investors who participate in the Nordics
  • Economic, cultural, and legal strengths and weaknesses
  • Who to know: 34 partners of VC funds who shape the region
  • Detailed profiles of 5 VC’s based in the Nordic region
  • 8 success stories operating in 4 market sectors
  • 16 rising stars in the Nordics
  • Exit values and takeaways

A big thanks to our content partner Northzone, whose 20 years of experience investing in the Nordics and beyond made this report possible.

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