Talent on Demand

With Advisable, you can find any talent on demand. No more getting lost scouting for talent across services.


Because we source talent on demand and aren’t limited to our existing talent pool, finding talent through Advisable is like having access to the entire world’s talent pool.


We help you hire different people with different skill-sets, just when you need them.


AQMetrics is the one stop in the cloud for global financial regulatory risk and compliance solutions.

AQMetrics automated risk register provides complete visibility of risk posture to alternative investment fund managers, asset managers, management companies (ManCos) and fund administrators.

AQMetrics advanced analytics and rule engine provide risk insights to alternative investment fund managers and asset managers across core investment risk areas such as counterparty, credit, market and liquidity risk. Automated online alerts are also available via SMS and email to ensure efficient pretrade, intraday and posttrade risk monitoring.

Jobs @ AQMetrics


Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2015, Astronomer’s unified data routing platform connects and centralizes data across entire organizations, making it super simple for anyone from business users to data scientists to quickly create and monitor all of their data pipelines. Astronomer also provides data science and analytical support to provide a turn-key solution for organizations looking to modernize their operations and business intelligence.

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Barricade works like an early warning system against any attempts at breaching the security of your servers. We quietly watch in the background and can identify any security threats. In the event there is any serious activity we notify you and provide detailed steps needed to solve the situation.


Birdi curates the best of the world’s satellite, airborne, and drone imagery to create an up-to-date view of our world that everyone can explore, anytime. The right image for every application: Birdi gives you access to more images from more sources than anyone else - whether your business needs a detailed view of a particular property, regular tracking of site progress, or just an overall impression of an area over time. Their plug-and-play API works within your existing mapping and location-based applications, so it takes no time at all to start getting actionable insight from their up-to-date, analytically-enhanced images.


The Boxfish platform is an award winning and patented suite of AI algorithms engineered to extract relevant and hidden audiences across multiple platforms.


Buildingeye makes building and planning information easier to find and understand by mapping what's happening in your city.

Buildingeye's Citizen Platform specializes in GIS and data visualization, providing an easy to use interface for citizens to access building permits, planning applications, code enforcement, capital projects, public events, business licenses and other civic activities 24 hours a day.


Boxever is a cloud-based solution that combines master data management, CRM, decisioning and analytics into a tightly integrated, travel-centric marketing platform that enables retailers to capture, analyze and act on large volumes of customer data in real‑time.

Boxever is a “brain” that sits at the heart of your tech stack that does four things. It brings even the most siloed and inaccessible data together to build powerful, complete pictures of your customers. It uses analytics to understand what they like and don’t like. It makes decisions about what personalised messages to show them, and when. And it decides what channels to use too. In short: it uses data to make every interaction smarter.

Jobs @ Boxever


Brightflag is a tool for legal departments combining ebilling, matter management, invoice review and pricing analytics together in one platform.

The platform is underpinned with new Artificial Intelligence language analysis technologies that read and categorize lawyer time entries, allowing powerful automated invoice review and pricing analytics that drive real savings, time efficiencies and reporting abilities.


Food sourcing sorted.  The online procurement platform where restaurants connect directly with hundreds of independent food and drink producers.

Directly connect with hundreds of competitively-priced, quality suppliers who can offer the best products to meet your specifications, recipes and volume needs. On one easy-to-use platform.

We’ve taken the fuss out of building long-term relationships with food and drink producers. By bypassing the middleman and going directly to the source we can offer a more transparent, tailor-made and efficient solution. COLLECTIVfood will save you time and money. And it is free to use.


Countingup is the future of banking & accounting. Imagine if your business current account was your accounting software. Sounds obvious, right? Different banking. Simple accounting. For 1m entrepreneurs.

The business current account that automates your bookkeeping.


Cheap, fast and secure international money transfers - up to 90% cheaper than banks.

CurrencyFair began as the answer to a common problem: expats looking for a cheap, simple way to move money to and from their new home countries. The easiest way to achieve this was by swapping with friends who had the corresponding need. This simple idea has developed into a global money transfer platform that has exchanged over €8 billion.

Today, the people and businesses, and their reasons for using CurrencyFair are too many to count, but our mission remains the same: to empower them all with access to fair financial services. We do this by embracing the latest technologies to deliver great exchange rates, supported by outstanding customer service and processes that are easy to understand and use.

Jobs @ CurrencyFair


Boosting construction productivity through computer vision.

Artificial Intelligence that helps you track progress, detect anomalies and optimise workflows.


The Drop Kitchen Connected Scale and Recipe App allow anyone to bake beautiful and delicious creations, regardless of experience.

Our step-by-step recipe format works with you to keep chaos to a minimum and ensure shareable results. Inexperienced? Time constraints? Don’t worry. Drop’s recipe format is suitable for all skill levels, so you can make and eat what you want at home.

Jobs @ Drop


At FINBOURNE® Technology, we have one central ambition: to liberate the financial community from the limitations of their data systems and equip them to build a simple, more informed future.

We are a technology firm. We are very familiar with the constraints and limitations of the legacy platforms our clients use. We, and many in the financial industry have often said that someone needs to start clean, and use cutting edge technology to create a streamlined single platform. This is exactly what we are doing. The result is usability, simplicity and cost-saving for our customers.

We give our customers straightforward choice of access to the best available information and tools that they need to run their businesses. We collaborate with clients and partners as we create new technology and are doing just that to bring to life our transformative product: LUSID® - for asset managers from very large to very small.


HomeTree is a hassle-free & innovative way to get energy-saving home improvement products.

Hometree provides a fixed price for your new A-rated boiler, fully installed by a local Gas Safe professional engineer...


Inkitt.com is platform for writing, sharing and discovering stories. We believe in the magic of ideas. Of words. Of inspiration. And that’s why we believe in authors. Authors use the power of ideas, put them into words, and inspire readers. They empower them to take action. To take bold steps that improve both the present and the future. To change their worlds… for the better. Authors are the heart of all this — and authors are the heart and soul of Inkitt.

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James brings the power of Machine Learning to your Credit Risk Department, allowing you to build better scoring models.

James’s modeling module was built in close collaboration with risk professionals from all over the world. Its interface was designed under SEMMA’s framework to make sure the model building process is innovative without being disruptive. 

Additionally, James aims to make sure risk professionals can get the most out of the data they work with. James incorporates state of the art machine learning techniques that allow you to optimize your model’s performance while ensuring its robustness. These techniques are also time-saving since they replicate hundreds of processes that usually have to be manually constructed. 


Learnerbly is a professional development platform that allows businesses to manage the development of their staff using planning tools and curated content that flex around each individual's personal needs. Employees are matched to learning opportunities that have been curated using peer-to-peer recommendations and insights from over 100 industry experts. Learnerbly allows employers to set learning budgets and track and encourage the progress of their employees, while also taking a bottom-up approach by empowering each employee to learn by which ever methods works for them — whether it’s by reading a book, taking an online course or attending one in person.

Linked Finance

Linked Finance is Ireland's first peer-to-peer lending platform, making lending and borrowing easy for SMB owners.

Using technology to cut out the middleman, Linked Finance brings business lending back to basics: where ordinary people with savings can connect and lend to trustworthy businesses that wish to borrow. 

At Linked Finance, we offer Irish SME's a new alternative to borrowing from the banks. Real people like you can lend small amounts to great Irish businesses at very attractive interest rates.


Localistico is a local marketing and analytics platform for brick-and-mortar retailers. With Localistico’s intuitive platform, retailers can increase foot traffic to their physical stores and gather better online-to-offline analytics.

Localistico enables business owners to control their online presence and manage brand interactions on all digital platforms, from maps to store pages, to launching geo-targeted ad campaigns.


Log management and analytics for development, IT operations and Security teams. 

Logical Clocks

Logical Clocks AB  are bringing hyperscale Data Science to the Enterprise, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Their data platform that includes the world’s most scalable hierachical filesystem, scale-out compute and GPUs, and streaming analytics.

Logical Clocks is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, formed from members of the Distributed Computing Group at KTH – Royal Institute of Technology and RISE SICS AB.



At Manna, we are making 3-minute food delivery a reality.

Using custom-developed aerospace grade drones, we deliver directly from restaurants and centralised kitchens to consumer's homes.  We fly at an altitude of 80 metres and a speed of over 80kph -  delivering within a 2km radius in less than 3 minutes.​ 

Our 'Manna-festo' is to completely replace road-based delivery - reducing delivery times to a fraction of their current times, greatly improving the consumer experience of food delivery, and saving lives as we take the dangerous process of road-based delivery into the skies. 


Moltin was built from the ground up to power any website or mobile application in minutes. Inventory, cart, checkout, payments & more through a simple API.

Moltin is a microservices solution that gives organizations the ultimate flexibility to take an experience-first approach to commerce, with the simplest, most powerful APIs available.

With Moltin, retailers can imagine rich, vibrant brand experiences that engage and convert consumers on any channel or touchpoint. While developers can bring them to life quickly and easily without the constraints of legacy technology. With Moltin, ideas become reality, tomorrow becomes today.


Orchestrate is an API service that eliminates the need to deploy and scale databases in building apps or adding new features to existing ones.


PageFair’s mission is to sustain the open web by re-establishing a fair deal between users and content creators. PageFair Ads serve advertising in a manner that adblockers are unable to circumvent, and solves the speed, privacy, and UX issues that cause adblocking in the first place. PageFair Analytics is used by thousands of publishers for free, and measures over 11 billion pageviews per month. PageFair is the global authority on adblocking trends, cited in The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Economist, Advertising Age, and others.

Jobs @ PageFair


Pathfinder is an AI marketing employee for e-commerce stores that works for free and can be “hired” to do various marketing jobs. It's the marketing equivalent of a self-driving car - you give Pathfinder a job and it’ll perform it kind of like a real human but in a fraction of the time. Pathfinder helps human marketers design and send over 30,000,000 messages per year, driving millions of dollars in revenue for business large and small.


Finding reliable and professional payroll partners can be a tricky business - managing them is the next challenge.

Bring your current payroll providers onto Payslip to drive clarity, efficiency and a great integrated payroll experience. Or source new payroll vendors here and integrate them into one platform so you can enjoy a unified global payroll management process.


Tracworx is a patient and equipment location monitoring system that drives hospital efficiencies, resulting in excellent patient care throughout the entire perioperative journey.


Qstream is a sales capabilities platform that combines performance analytics, coaching optimization and knowledge reinforcement in a powerfully simple mobile enterprise solution.

The only scientifically proven solution that surfaces actionable insights to improve employee proficiency and measure the return on training and enablement investments.

Jobs @ Qstream

Raising IT

Raising IT is a SaaS platform for nonprofits, with customisable mobile-first designs and straightforward implementation and maintenance processes.

Raising IT is on a mission to create game-changing technology for charities.

On the face of it we create stunning powerful websites. Underneath, we're building out the power of real-time data, behavioural insights and artificial intelligence to scale the success of our clients.

Jobs @ Raising IT


Roomex is the global hotel booking platform for business travel. The platform saves business travelers time and money on hotel spend. The unique technology allows for faster booking and single invoicing, which is friendlier to medium and large businesses. Companies get easy access to live reporting and can easily implement policy and control as well as fulfilling Duty of Care requirements, knowing where staff are at all times on business travel. There are currently over 550,000 hotels worldwide on the Roomex platform.


Signal Media is an AI-powered information intelligence company that transforms the world’s information into accessible, actionable business knowledge.

Against an uncertain political, economic and social backdrop, many businesses are finding it impossible to track news cycles, monitor global markets and manage change. They need constant access to high quality, hyper relevant information - a complete picture of available intelligence - to be certain that they’re making decisions that reflect reality – not their assumptions.

Signal is the solution. Cutting edge Artificial Intelligence enables businesses to track changes to their world in real-time – from competitors, to regulation, to their own reputation – with certainty and clarity. Signal gives businesses the information they need to know and the information they didn’t know they needed, to make smarter, faster business decisions.

Signal makes the unknown, known.

Jobs @ Signal


Siren is re-defining what data intelligence is with a unique platform blending Search/BI/Link Analysis - capable of relationally investigating across all aspects of enterprise data. Siren serves industries ranging from Financial to Healthcare, Life sciences, Police, Defense, Security, IoT, IP Security, and more.

Jobs @ Siren


The Spirable platform uses data to create contextual video content that is tailored to individuals based on who they are, where they are, and what is happening around them. Disrupting how traditional marketing videos are produced and distributed, Spirable ensures that audiences always get the information that is most relevant to them.


At Sweepr, we imagine a world where people are not only surrounded by technology but embrace it and troubleshoot effortlessly. What if we could make self-service as simple as checking the weather?

We leverage the latest in artificial intelligence, voice assistance and behavioral psychology to support customers with all their internet-enabled technologies in the home. It’s service, on demand.

We call our approach Contextually Adaptive Care: we use our knowledge of the local network, connected devices and service diagnostics to diagnose a consumer problem.

Sweepr’s cloud technology and machine learning delivers clear, simple to use multimedia fixes for all, from those who love technology to those who avoid it.

Problem resolved
Home Context
User Context
Problem Identified

Let’s face it: no one wants to call customer support. It means navigating the complicated menu of an automated phone tree, waiting on hold far longer than you want to, transferring back and forth to different “specialists.”

Instead, Sweepr builds context for the user’s problem to deliver specific, relevant, customized help, right now. In instructions, pictures and video that are easy to understand and targeted to the technical skill of the user.

We’re lowering the bar for customers to get meaningful help. Right now.


Tandem HR

Performance Management is broken. We’re here to fix it.

The way we work has changed. Gone are the days of the traditional outdated performance review. With the rise of global dependence on social media to make our lives easier and arguably better, it’s no surprise that this old system is no longer appropriate with people increasingly working in teams, cross functionally and in complex environments. Tandem has brought personalized feedback into the workplace officially ending the feedback famine.

Tandem enables organization’s to empower and energize their people through continuous feedback and coaching enabling them to take their development into their own hands.


Created by Early Years professionals, TeachKloud's feature-rich set of intelligent tools allows managers to work smart, cutting time spent on administration and improving the quality of teaching delivered by all staff.

TeachKloud is inspection ready and will inspire and guide your team to be as well. Cloud-based with minimal set-up, your preschool can be up and ready using TeachKloud in a matter of minutes!


TravelNest is a central platform for holiday rental hosts to manage all of their advertising in one place.


umba combines advanced tools and techniques to optimize risk exposures in emerging markets that are currently underserved by traditional banking services.


The umba platform allows users to apply, receive and repay microloans through their mobile phone while using machine learning to underwrite using a risk score that is highly accurate and improves over time.


umba has just rolled out a new online POS solution and is teaming up with some of the biggest e-commerce merchants to increase customers access to online goods and services.


Understand.ai provides high-quality training and validation data to enable mobility companies to develop with confidence computer vision and machine learning models that reliably and safely power autonomous vehicles.

Jobs @ Understand.ai


Verifly delivers on-demand drone insurance for recreational or commercial flights in two taps.

Verifly was started by us, Eugene and Jay, but neither of us is the boss. Our bosses are hardworking independent workers everywhere. In building Verifly, our goal is to empower and elevate these businesses.

We want to make it easy for you to access insurance in just a few taps - whenever you need it, for as long as you need it. Our mission is to let you call the shots as you access the fastest and easiest business insurance product anywhere.


Verve exists to elevate lives by bringing everyone closer to the things they love. We're building a global platform for 16-28 year olds to discover and buy through aspirational brands from their network.

We work in more than 20 countries with the biggest and best brands including C3 Presents, Festival republic, MGM resorts, Hakkasan, Lollapalloza, World Club Dome, Sonar, Elrow, ESPN, Universal Music Group and Global Radio. 

Verve integrates directly with major ticketing providers and technology partners around the world, including Ticketmaster, Paylogic, Eventbrite and Front Gate Tickets.