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Jack was one of the founding employees at Hometree, a Frontline portfolio business, where he spent 2.5 years scaling the sales operations side of the business and most recently designed and built the systems that underpin its new Homecover product.

Prior to this, Jack was working as an early stage investor at DN Capital where he invested in two tech companies; Hometree and Divido. His introduction to venture capital initially came when running his ecommerce startup of 3 years, Prideback.  

Jack also holds a BSc in Investment in Real Estate and is an alumni of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. During university he founded two startups on the side and simultaneously became hooked on technology and entrepreneurship.

Aside from the working world, Jack is a keen sportsman, holding a sports scholarship to attend school and university and representing GB and county for a handful of sports. He's now in training for his first triathlon with fellow Frontliner, Carolina!

Finn is an Investment Executive at Frontline, while in college he built a successful spin out software business and became obsessed with growth marketing & the software that enables it.

One could argue that Finn first discovered his passion for technology and startups at the bottom of a pint glass during a Web Summit sponsored pub crawl for tech founders. At the end of the evening, Finn was hooked.

Following a first consumer app effort, he did a stint on sabbatical as the Entertainments Officer in Trinity College and stepped up his pub crawl game. Finn launched his first venture - an application to digitise ID cards for his colleagues at Trinity - in 2016. The first product was a success and the company was spun out as an independent business.  Finn then secured funding, won a prime spot at a local accelerator and built out the company's core engineering team.

After a year in operation iDly joined forces with a larger fintech business. Finn’s attention shifted to developing the company’s B2C growth marketing strategy , building out a specialised team and driving installs to a peak of 1000 per day.

Finn is likely to be seen either head down in his laptop, cycling the streets of Dublin or trying to escape Ireland’s cold waters for kite surfing somewhere closer to the sun.

Laura is CFO at Frontline, and has over 15 years’ experience in Finance.

She has accumulated a broad range of accountancy knowledge over a number of industries, including Software, R&D, Manufacturing and Renewable Energy.  This experience ranges from an Irish start up enterprise, to a large, Nasdaq quoted US multinational. 

During this time, Laura worked across the full spectrum of company financial and management accountancy.  She worked on many projects including international expansions and the implementation of software systems to support rapid growing organisations.

Her time at OpenHydro, a start up tidal energy company gave her full exposure to the excitement and the pressures of working in a fast paced, start up environment.    
Laura holds a degree in business from the University of Ulster, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. 

Outside of Frontline, Laura spends her time trying to avoid the traps and mischief that her 3 young boys have laid out for her…with limited results!   

Steve brings nearly two decades of tech strategy and product development experience as a founder and CTO of three successful technology companies.

Steve was previously the founder and CTO of Havok, the leading physics and animation middleware company for console game development, Kore, developer of the Kore Virtual Machine, an optimised Lua script compatible execution environment and most recently Swrve, the mobile marketing automation platform used by some of the world’s leading brands including Disney, Conde Nast and Ryanair.  Steve holds a PhD in computer graphics and has been a senior lecturer, research group leader and principal investigator in Trinity College Dublin and a visiting professor of Goldsmiths University of London.  As a result he’s built up extensive practical experience in technology transfer, IP licensing and entrepreneurship in academia.

When not poring over product roadmaps and platform architecture diagrams, Steve creates unappealing electronic music and is slowly building a modest Eurorack modular synthesiser.  He’s also a huge fan of computer game technology and harbours a dream to one day get back to his first love of designing and coding games. 

Debbie is Office Manager at Frontline.

Debbie looks after the day-to-day running of the office and in general helping the team out - whether that be organising travel, arranging meetings etc. You will find Debbie in the office from 8:30-2pm Monday - Thursday. 

Debbie previously worked as Office Manager/PA at one of Ireland’s leading TV production companies, as well as various other PA/Admin roles throughout the years.

Debbie has her own millinery brand - most afternoons, you will find her slaving away in her millinery studio in Dublin creating hats and headpieces for brides, wedding guests, and ladies’ day fanatics with her apprentice - Lenny the Cavachon!

Born in São Paulo to Swiss and Belgian/Portuguese parents, Carolina was raised in Portugal.

While earning her BA in London in Business & International Relations, she worked at Swiss embassies in Paris, Madrid, Chicago and New York City.In 2012, Carolina graduated from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism with a Masters Degree in Digital Journalism.

Carolina has built her career around tech; first by reporting on it for Al-Jazeera and Newsweek, and later by scaling community, marketing, and business development strategies at e-commerce and fintech startups in New York City. In 2016, Carolina joined Insight Venture Partners, where she led portfolio facing platform and community strategies as part of the Insight Onsite growth team.

Carolina was a competitive surfer until the age of 18 and enjoys all things sports and outdoors. She is fluent in Portuguese and English, and conversational in German, French, and Spanish. In her spare time, you might find her at a Parity Partners meeting where she is proud to join multiple FSI and female tech leaders around the world to promote diversity in Venture Capital. 

Stephen is a Venture Partner and brings a wealth of executive experience to Frontline.

Most recently he was Vice President of EMEA at Twitter, where he set up and led the regional business, and before that he held a variety of leadership roles at Google.

Stephen comes to Frontline with executive experience at two of the fastest growing companies of our generation, Google and Twitter. He has encountered both ends of the scale spectrum, having set up Twitter EMEA from scratch and run a multi-billion dollar ads business at Google. He is a seasoned General Manager with particular functional expertise in Sales, Operations, and Talent.

Stephen has engineering degrees from Trinity College Dublin and Cornell University, where he was a Fulbright scholar. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Stephen is married with three young kids and is the only person in his household who can't speak Norwegian. He enjoys most sports but only runs when chasing a ball, much like a dog. He once designed a private cell-phone system for Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, who was later overthrown in the Arab Spring. They're no longer close.

William is a Partner at Frontline Ventures and was the youngest partner of a European VC fund when Frontline was founded.

After leaving university, William was one of the founding employees of Ondra Partners, a startup investment-banking boutique. Within 18 months, Ondra grew from a four-person team to 70+ employees across London, New York, and Paris and was named the top investment banking boutique globally by Euromoney.

William’s work at Ondra led him to discover his passion for rethinking an industry, and he shortly thereafter co-founded Osmoda, a fashion e-commerce company creating a new way for young and up-and-coming designers to sell online. During the same time, William was also the Global Ambassador for the Sandbox Network, a community of over 1000 innovators under 30.

It was through his work at Osmoda and Sandbox that William experienced firsthand the difficulty that European founders have when fundraising. This inspired him to join Will and Shay to set up Frontline, a fund that would usher in a new generation of early-stage venture capital in Europe.

William is also a keen adventure traveller, and when taking time off is as likely to be seen running a triple marathon across Northern Spain, hiking through Colombian rain forest, or white-water rafting down a Himalayan river. Except on Halloween, where you can find him in one of his ridiculous, homemade costumes.

Will is a founding partner of Frontline Ventures and has spent the last decade focused on software and the internet.

Before a career in VC, Will spent six years advising large enterprise on their technology purchasing decisions.

Will’s focus has always been on seed/Series A investing in both application and infrastructure layer software companies. During his career, he invested in the first round of software companies such as Britebill (acquired by Amdocs), Barricade (acquired by Sophos), Orchestrate (acquired by CenturyLink), AMCS (since raised $75m), and CurrencyFair (since raised $25m).

Will is a member of the Society of Kauffman Fellows, a network of 200+ venture capital professionals in leading firms around the world. He spends a significant portion of his time in the US developing investor and corporate relationships to benefit the companies in which Frontline has invested.

Will is qualified as a chef and a chemical engineer, which explains why all of his dishes are prepared in large quantities and with precisely measured ingredients.

Shay is a founding partner of Frontline Ventures and one of the most active and experienced early-stage technology investors in Europe.

Shay has had a wide and varied career - covering corporates (Exxon, Corning, McKinsey), startups (Glentara Foods, Irish Seafood Producers Group), and venture capital (Delta Partners, Frontline). In his career in venture, he has been part of teams that have raised eight funds, totalling a combined $500 million through 3 different economic cycles. Shay has invested in over 30 early-stage European tech companies and currently sits on the board of Qstream, Roomex, Linked Finance, AQMetrics, TravelNest and is a board member of Finbourne.

Shay has engineering degrees from University College Dublin (BSc) and University of New Brunswick Canada (M Eng). He also has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

Shay has long been interested in the convergence of startup culture and society, as well the internationalisation of companies and ideas. He is Chair of the Science Gallery Trinity College, as well as Genio (which manages the Social Reform Fund in Ireland). Both of these institutions are leaders in their sectors and are expanding globally.

Shay has an interest in all things Latin - which makes him the in-house thesaurus, grammarian, and spellchecker for the Frontline team.